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Escudero Family

Escudero Family
The family started making wine in 1852. His great-grandfather, Juan Escudero, began making wine in oak casks in the town of Grávalos, La Rioja. The know-how accumulated and transmitted by his ancestors gave rise in the early 1950s to the first Rioja cavas, with a marked touch of craftsmanship, made by Benito Escudero, father of the current generation of winemakers.

They in turn are equally committed to their love of the vineyards, wines and cavas. The fourth generation of this family of winemakers has taken on the various responsibilities of the company: viticulture, management and administration mark the daily lives of the brothers Jesus, Maria Angeles, Amador and Jose Maria Escudero.

Also, respect for the environment, research and professionalism in all areas of business and a commitment to offering customers an excellent product as well as excellent service are the foundations on which the business activities and personality of the Escudero Family rest.
Escudero Family
Bodegas Escudero
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Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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