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Vineyards in Monte Yerga

Vineyards in Monte Yerga

The Escudero family owns 150 hectares of vineyards. The vines average 50 years of age, and some are more than a century old. Most are located on the southern slope of Mount Yerga, at altitudes between 400 and 800 metres above sea level, with poor and pebbly soils suitable for ensuring low production volumes and high quality.

Our ancestors used the term VIDAU to describe the mix of different varieties grown in the same plot (Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, Graciano and Monastrell). The vines are over 90 years old.

These old vines are grown using traditional methods. We do not use chemical fertilizers, only manure from neighbouring farms.

The vineyard location has a continental climate, with cold winters, warm, sunny summers and significant differences between daytime and night time temperatures. A whole range of climatic influences and nuances join forces to provide the grape with a unique and distinctive character.

Harvest is carried out manually and takes quite a long time, waiting for each variety to attain optimal ripeness, one plot at a time, according to a daily schedule.
Vineyards in Monte Yerga
Centenary vines
Manual harvest

Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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