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Sombra Botella Arvum


A tribute to our parents, it expresses the tenderness with which it was made, allowing you to love it as soon as you get to know it

I. VARIETALS: 100% Vidau (40% Tempranillo, 40% Garnacha, 20% Others).

II. ALCOHOL: 14% Vol.

III. AGING: 17 months in French oak barrels.

IV. ELABORATION: The oldest vineyards between 80 and 100 years are located on the Cuesta de la Reina estate, property of the family for over 4 generations, located on the south side of Mount Yerga. The manual harvest was done in October. The fermentation is carried out with autochthonous yeasts at a carefully controlled temperature (30º C), in stainless steel vats. No pumps were used during the elaboration process, only gravity to avoid any damage to the fruit. The total period of maceration was 32 days. After the decuvee, the wine was transferred to French Allier and Rumanian oak. During the aging process, the wine was racked 5 times. Bottled in June (2 years later) and remained 12 months in our bottle cellar before being released on the market.

V. TASTING: Very covered cherry red. Fine and elegant aromas of creamy toasts and ripe fruit. Showing a great expression and complexity. Potent on the palate, meaty and round, rich in nuances. Complex and elegant retronasal.

VI. FOOD MATCH: Accompanies perfectly the aged cheeses, beef, roasts, big and small game, partridge, wild boar and deer. Goes even well with sauced or spicy meat.

FIELDS FOR CULTIVATION: Things as always. The most traditional way of elaborating wines in Rioja. The love of our parents, Antonia and Benito Escudero who guided us to the cultivation of the centenary vineyards from which the grapes are used for the elaboration of Arvum. It is the most sincere tribute that we, their sons and daughters, want to convey in the most clear correspondence, the dedication and the tenderness with which is held together around a big dream. Some things never change over time.

Awards and Ratings Banderola
ARVUM 05 - Guia Peñin de Vinos de España 2001, September of 2011 - 90/100 Pts.
ARVUM 05 - “Wine advocate”, April of 2010 - 93 +/100 Pts.
ARVUM - “Cata de Riojas“, Revista Vinun, July of 2009 - 16,5/20 Pts.
ARVUM - “La Cata del Mes“ , Diario El Mundo, April of 2009 - 16/20 Pts.
ARVUM 05 - "Cata de la Semana Rioja VII Los Grandes", Revista Mundovino, February of 2009 - 16,5/20 Pts.
ARVUM - Revista Vivir el Vino n. 88, February of 2009 - 92/100 Pts.
ARVUM 05 - "Los Oros de 2009", Revista Vinos de España, December of 2008 - 93/100 Pts.

Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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