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Sombra Botella Becquer Tinto


Powerful and seductive, a wine to tell stories

I. VARIETALS: 70% Tempranillo, 30% Garnacha.

II. ALCOHOL: 14% Vol.

III. VINEYARDS AND HARVEST: Located on the south of Monte Yerga on the sunny side of the slopes, the Cuesta de la Reina Estate commences at an altitude of 450 meters and ascends to 800 meters. The soils, clayey-calcareous, are very poor and with abundance of boulders. The estate of 120 Hectare has belonged to the family for four generations and the family itself has always cultivated the vineyard. The average age of the vines is over 40 years. Following a meticulous monitoring of the vineyard, the grapes are harvested at optimum maturity. The harvest is done manually by selecting healthy and ripe grapes and rejecting the bad and deteriorated. The Harvest was done in mid-October for both the Tempranillo and the Garnacha grapes. The grapes are collected in fruit boxes to avoid any kind of crushing.

IV. ELABORATION: There were no mechanical systems used during the elaboration process. This is based on gravity to avoid damaging the grape. The fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks with autochthonous yeasts from the same vineyard, controlling the temperature at 30 °C. At the end of fermentation the maceration was extended for 10 days. Once the decuvé had taken place, the wine was transferred to fine American and French oak where it aged for 8 months. There were 2 rackings during the aging process. After a mild filtering, the wine was bottled and remained in the bottle cellar for 12 months before putting it up for sale.

V. TASTING: Cherry red well covered. Intens aroma of dark fruit and oak well conjoined. Savoury with round tanins and a depth of ripe fruit, spicy with great structure.

VI. FOOD MATCH: Ideal to accompany stews, red roasted meat and aged cheeses.

Awards and Ratings Banderola
Becquer Tinto 2008 - Wine Advocate, June of 2011 - 87/100 Pts.
Becquer Autor 2009 - Concurso III Challenge en Hong Kong, October of 2011 - Bronce
Becquer Autor 2008 - Los mejores tinto, Revista restauradores, October of 2010 - 89/100 Pts.
Becquer 2008 - Guia Peñin de vinos y cavass 2011, September of 2011 - 90/100 Pts.
Becquer Tinto 07 - Wine Advocate, April of 2010 - 87/100 Pts.
Becquer 2006 - Guia Peñin de Vinos y Cavas 2006 , September of 2009 - 89/100 Pts.
Becquer 2002 - Guia Peñin de Vinos y Cavas 2006, September of 2006 - 88/100 Pts.
Becquer 2001 - Guia Peñin de Vinos y Cavas 2005, September of 2005 - 84/100 Pts.

Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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