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Sombra Botella Becquer Blanco


Powerful and seductive, a wine to tell stories

I. VARIETALS: 50% Viura with the age of 60 years. 50% Chardonnay with the age of 26 years.

II. ALCOHOL: 12,5% Vol.

III. VINEYARDS AND HARVEST: Located in the town of Grávalos, a small village in the Rioja mountain chains at 700 meters above sea level. The soils are calcareous and ferruginous clay. The climate is very rigorous with abundant frost in winter and hot summers. The temperature differences are up to 20 ° C between day and night. The harvest is done manually and is very late. We harvest the Chardonnay grapes the second week of September and mid-October the Viura grapes.

IV. ELABORATION: The elaboration method of this wine proceeds from an investigation in which a new method is experimented in order to obtain a white wine with much more longevity than usual. Oxygen is used is a controlled way before the clearing of the must. The intention is to diminish the concentration of oxidative tannins in the must and, by doing this, diminish the posterior oxidation of the wine. This way, the white wine will have a positive evolution inside the bottle and its life will be much longer. The fermentation was realized in American oak barrels of 225 Liter and the wine was in touch with the lees for over 6 months in which a daily batonage was realized. Finally the wine was bottled in the first week of June.

V. TASTING: Pale yellow with greenish tones. The aroma is intense with a frutal predominance and spicy notes of the barrique. On the palate it is rich in nuances with an adequate acidity and balance. An extraordinary white wine elaborated in surprisingly fashion for you to enjoy in time.

VI. FOOD MATCH: Roast lamb, grilled vegetables and legumes.

Awards and Ratings Banderola
Becquer Blanco 2009 - Wine Advocate, June of 2011 - 88/100 Pts.
Becquer Blanco 2008 - Wine Review Online, October of 2010 - 90/100 Pts.
Becquer Blanco 2005 - Guia Peñin de Vinos y Cavas 2006 , September of 2009 - 85/100 Pts.

Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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