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Vintage supervision

Vintage supervision
In 2000, the Escudero family decided to extend their business to Navarre, and a D.O. Navarra winery joined the wineries that this family already owned in La Rioja.

For 23 years, Amador Escudero has been winemaking advisor for several wineries in Navarre. Drawing upon his experience in the D.O. Navarra and aware of the quality of the vines in the area, he decided to start making his own wine in this wine region. Thus, he began to make a new line of red and rosé wines under the Logos name.

The project was consolidated with the acquisition of a winery in the municipality of Monteagudo, south of Navarre’s Ribera Region, in the Queiles valley.
Vintage supervision
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Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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