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Sombra Botella Pedro de Ivar Prestigio


The art of the anonymous, touches of colour and aromas in the wine

I. VARIETALS: 60% Garnacha, 40% Tempranillo.

II. ALCOHOL: 14% Vol.

II. VINEYARDS AND HARVEST: The grapes come from specially selected reduced plots of old vines ( more than 60 years old) of a very low yield. The complete cycle of these vines has been subject to very careful and continuous tracking. The vineyards, located in the heart of the Queiles Valley , benefit from an exceptional climate influenced by the proximity of Mount Moncayo(height 2315m): signififificant annual sunshine, moderate rainfall and signififificant night/day summer temperature differences, favouring the maturity and ripening of the grapes. The ¨poor¨ soil retains water at a deep level. The roots of the old vines extend deep down into the earth where they feed off a balanced mix of minerals and water. At the moment of harvesting – carried out manually – the best grapes are selected at the precise moment of their phenological maturity and ideal alcohol level. They are then transferred with the utmost care to the winery.

III. ELABORATION: In the winery, the wine is fermented with indigenous yeast, and remains at a controlled temperature of 30ºC. Recoveries are carried out twice daily in order to extract the ideal colour. After a total incubation period of 30 days , the wine is introduced into new american oak barrels where it is kept for 14 months. It is decanted 4 times during this period. Before bottling, the wine is clarified with egg white without any filtering so as not to upset either its strength of palate or aroma.

IV. TASTING: Aspect: Cherry colour, bright , high layer. Due to the absence of filtering , with the passing of time sediment may appear in the bottle – proof of its authenticity.
Aroma: Intense, complex , dominance of the ripe fruit and well integrated oak.
Palate: Strong, very meaty with sweet tannins and a tannic background of smooth oak. An excellent and persistent finish.

This wine is the fruit of careful labours undertaken both by our winegrowers in the vineyards and in the winery.

Awards and Ratings Banderola
Pedro de Ivar Prestigio - Revista Decanter, September of 2007 - ***** Estrellas de Oro

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