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Sombra Botella Conde de Artoiz Tinto


Nobility in wine, worthy of their pedigree

I. VARIETALS: 50% Garnacha, 50% Tempranillo.

II. ALCOHOL: 13% Vol.

III. VINEYARDS AND HARVEST: From the selection of the must until the bottling the must is carefully pampered obtaining young wines, fruity, lively and with a personality of its own.

IV. ELABORATION: The grapes were crushed, destemmed and transferred to vitrified concrete tanks where fermentation took place at a temperature of 28°C with frequent pumping over for a better extraction of color, tannins and aromas. After the production process, the wine was transferred moved to barrels where it aged for 4 months obtaining its personality.

V. TASTING: Appearance: Clean and bright ruby red with good cover.
Aroma: Fine and potent on the nose, with exotic notes of flowers and mature fruit and soft hints of the oak barrel.
Pallet: Well balanced, alive, ample and fresh aromas. Potent notes of red fruit and soft tannins.

This wine is the result of a long journey where the intense efforts of the past are conjoined with the best of the present.


Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

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