Vineyards in Monte Yerga

Vineyards in Monte Yerga

The first thing taken into account when starting the project was the vineyard. To the Escudero family, it is very clear that the vine is where the origin of a good wine lies. Therefore, after careful study of soils, this plot with poor, stony soils was chosen.

The low productivity of the soil is due to its composition. It is a combination of limestone, pebbles and very poor sands. This way, as the roots seek their nourishment, they extract the silica mineral flavours of the sand they find in their path. In short, it is an ideal soil for low-yield, top-quality vines.

Bodegas Vinsacro is located in an estate called Finca La Plana, which has 34 acres of vineyards that surround the building. They were planted in 1996 with a strict selection of low-production vines and a planting density of 4000 vines per hectare to provoke root competition and get the best berries.

The vines are planted along a northeast to southeast line; the best orientation for perfect development and ripening. In addition, the gentle slope of the land allows for good ventilation so the grapes grow healthy.

All the vineyards are grown organically. We do not use pesticides nor chemical fertilizers or synthetic products.

All cleaning water is recovered in 3 ponds located the lower part of the estate, where it is decanted and purified in a natural way and then reused for irrigating the gardens.
Vineyards in Monte Yerga
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