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08/11/2012 INTRODUCING THE NEW WEBSITE "FAMILIA ESCUDERO" The Escudero Family presents its new website collecting all the family wineries.

In "Escudero" Grávalos (Rioja) we elaborate Cava, in "Valsacro" Rioja wines, and in "Logos" wines of Navarra. "Tudejem and Crepusculo" are wines produced in other regions of Spain. All the wineries belong to the Escudero family and are grouped under the name BODEGAS ESCUDERO  & VALSACRO S. L..

Presenting the new image after merging all family businesses and thus make known their wineries, its wines and Cavas in a more simple form under the name "Escudero Family".

Familia Escudero

Familia Escudero

Bodegas Escudero & Vinsacro
Ctra. de Arnedo s/n.
26587, Grávalos (La Rioja) Spain
Tel.: (+34) 941 398 008 | Fax: (+34) 94 398 070