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Olive Oil Becquer the Legend
17/12/12 FAMILIA ESCUDERO PRESENTS “BÉCQUER DE LEYENDA”, ITS NEW EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Today there are many companies that are reinventing themselves in one or another way. Some expanding frontiers where previously only sold in the domestic market, leaving other more traditionalImagen blog models of management to adapt to new markets, more flexible and dynamic, expanding its range of other products ... Society evolves and businesses with it, it is important to avoid getting stuck in the past. It is necessary to undertake new projects without losing sight of where we came from.

With this desire for growth and improvement, the Escudero family has decided to go further and has launched the production of olive oil. An ambitious new project that is very challenging, but yet they are not afraid. It´s quite the contrary. They face this new project with enthusiasm and excitement, key ingredients to make even the hardest achievements possible.
The production of olive oil is a bridge between two concepts of tremendous importance for this family: their roots, the origin of knowledge transmitted to them by their ancestors and the future, coupled with innovation and change. They may seem like two completely opposing views, but in reality are not incompatible. This family has proven these two concepts can be combined to perfection, and in fact have made of the unification of their past and future their strength. Something that we have been able to see through their wines and Cavas, and now it's time to prove it through their olive oil.

And not wanting to be repetitive, the very name chosen for the olive oil brings us back to the past: "Bécquer the Legend". For this family is linked not only to the past through their parents and grandparents, but also through their lands, their vineyards, their olive trees ... Land that also served to inspire not one of the greats, but to the greatest romantic poet. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer found shelter in these lands and inspiration to write some of their legends, the best known is written in the Monte Yerga, the Miserere. So there is no better name for an olive oil whose olive trees have been growing on the steps that this giant of poetry East set about these places. Bécquer found inspiration in these lands and the Escudero family has found it in Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.

Imagen blogBécquer de Leyenda is an extra virgin olive oil. An olive oil extracted from the best olive varieties: Arbequina and Tosca. The Arbequina is a variety rooted in the Ebro Valley because of its high resistance to low temperatures. Soft, lightweight, delicate and sweet olive oil is extracted through this variety. It has a fresh fruity smell. Furthermore it is little or not bitter at all and astringency notes never appear. The Tosca is a variety that is also very resistant to cold temperatures. Its origins come from the region of Tuscany in Italy, in which one of most important olive oils are produced in the world. The Tosca matures several weeks earlier than the Arbequina and performs very well in mechanical harvesting. The profile of the oil made with this type of olive is very fruity, dominated by fresh green leaf, grass and artichoke combined with hints of spice and herb. This olive oil is very well balanced and has a persistent finish.

The olive oil "Bécquer de Leyenda" is listed as high quality craftsman olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means, therefore it has a high nutritional value. To preserve its aroma and flavor was packed unfiltered so if little sediment may appear that certifies the authenticity of a natural, handcrafted product.

The Escudero family has harvested about 60,000 kilos of olives this year, which is equivalent to 11,000 liters of olive oil. Of this amount it is expected to produce about 20,000 bottles.

The sales of the olive oil Becquer de Leyenda will focus mainly on the Spanish market but with an eye on the  markets in Japan, China and the U.S. among others.

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