Sombra Botella Razón Vino de Mesa


It shows wisdom in its creation, philosophy and materialism

I. VARIETALS: 70% Tempranillo, 30% Garnacha.

II. ALCOHOL: 13% Vol.

III. AGING: 9 months in American oak barrels.

IV. ELABORATION: The Grapes from the vineyards of Finca La Legua. When entering the winery, the grapes are transported using the gravity method to avoid any damage and alteration to the fruit by the use of machinery. Fermentation was carried out with authouctonous yeast of the vineyard, controlling the temperature at 30 °C. When finished, the maceration is continued for at least 10 days to extract maximum color and structure. Once decuvé, the wine is transferred to fine American oak barrels where it is aged for 9 months. Before the wine is bottled, it has been stabilized in cold after a mild filtering.

V. TASTING: Good cherry red cover. Clean, complex with good intensity on the nose, intense flavors, spicy fruit and oak well assembled. With good structure, fresh and tannic in the mouth with ripe fruit in the background.

VI. FOOD MATCH: The wine accompanies perfectly stews, red meats, sausages and cheeses.

Awards and Ratings Banderola
Razón 2006 - Concurso III Challenge en Hong Kong, October of 2011 - Bronce

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